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  • After 2 car accidents in 2018 and 2019 I had significant pain in my right shoulder and neck, but was improving with chiropractic care. However, one day in March of 2019 I found myself on the receiving end of a bad adjustment that amounted to malpractice by a Rome chiropractor who will remain unnamed. :)  The pain was severe enough to hamper my lifestyle, but I just tolerated it for another two and a half years, not really knowing what to do. 

    In July of 2022 I just couldn't take the pain anymore, and thankfully a friend referred me to a new chiropractor, Dr. Russ Delaino.  Since I had let my condition go on for so long, Dr. Delaino recommended a 15 week treatment plan.  I am now almost at the end of the treatment plan and am out of pain most of the time, and am now adding massage to loosen up the muscles.  Dr. Delaino is incredibly knowledgeable about the human frame and knows exactly what to do to keep moving the spine back into place until the muscular structure of the patient can maintain on its own. During these last 15 weeks Dr. Delaino also helped to bring some relief from a sciatic nerve in my leg. He even fixed one of my fingers that I assumed had arthritis, but turned out to be a simple case of a joint out of place!  And as if that wasn't enough, when my husband's BP meds weren't keeping his BP in check anymore, Dr. Delaino adjusted his vagus nerve, keeping him from having to add a second BP med!  I highly recommend Dr. Delaino for anyone's chiropractic needs!  

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  • I have sciatica nervous problems. I came to Dr. Delano office, with my problems and he has fixes 1/3 where am able to walk. He's a good chiropractic. He's does a good job and veryr friendly . He has the healing hand that works like magic. If you are in pain cone and see him you will love it.

    - Aquila A.
  • I cannot even to begin to describe what a FABULOUS person Dr Russ Delaino is!! Not only is he a very knowledgeable Chiropractor, but such a caring Christian man! There is no “getting to know him” period, it happens instantly! It’s as if we have known each other for years! He is truly invested in each patient, their well being and recovery! He is a natural born healer! What a tremendous blessing he is to me!!

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  • Dr Delaino and all of his staff are some of the most warm and hospitable people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. They genuinely care about your road to recovery and will work together with you every step of the way. I can't recommend them enough!

    - Masterduelistky

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