My Low back problem started in March of 2000. The doctors performed MRI's, CT scans, myelograms and multiple injections. They diagnosed me with ruptured discs, bulging discs and protruding discs. That year, I had surgical discectomy at L-5/S1. My first surgery did not resolve my problem, in fact I had a second surgery.

After my first surgery, my vertebrae collapsed and the then doctors did a fusion in 2001. My pain has continued to be chronic over the past ten years since the surgeries. Since meeting Dr. Delaino in 2011, my health has finally began to change. After beginning his specialized disc program, I have had less pain, more mobility and I am getting more done. My driving is easier, my walking is easier, my sleep has improved, my energy is up and my range of motion has improved. The pain in my leg is vastly improved, and I am only three weeks into my dics program.

Joel Milton Lindale-Ga

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