My son Cole has been sick all throughout his childhood. What began as sinus problems in early childhood gradually developed into ear infections. After repeated episodes of this pattern, Cole was taken to the doctor and he had ear tubes put in. However, the problem kept recurring, so he then had his adenoids removed and another set of tubes put in. The second set of surgeries did not resolve the problem and finally the doctors removed Cole's tonsils and performed another ear tube surgery. After many hospital visits and surgeries, Cole's ear problems improved, but only temporarily. All the symptoms returned one year ago.

My cousin mentioned that she had taken her son to Dr. Delaino for sinus problems and ear infections. She was very pleased with the results. After hearing about it, I called and Cole began seeing Dr. Delaino on 10/23/2017. It has now been 8 weeks and thankfully Cole has been well. His ears feel normal and he is sleeping through the night with no pain. After the first month of chiroprctic, Cole began to get a cold. However, he quickly recovered from it and the prolonged ear problems never developed!

Cole Chandler 8 years old Rome,Ga.

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