A Natural Alternative to Knee Replacement Surgery

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A Natural Alternative to Knee Replacement Surgery


Most of you know that chiropractic is good for back pain, neck pain and sciatica. But did you know that it also can help more serious conditions? You are about to read an account of a real person who lives right here in your town and her story is one that I hope you will read about and share with others.

Cindy was suffering from a chronic knee problem. It was affecting her work and family life by limiting her ability to drive, walk and show properties in real estate. She had been addressing long term pain with physical therapy and visits to the specialists here in town. The doctors and rehab only provided temporary relief from the discomfort and after a short time, the pain returned. Also, it was gradually worsening and the therapy sessions triggered additional problems. The doctors ceased the rehab visits to avoid injury. At a young age, she was facing the possibility of surgery since nothing seemed to help. After meeting with doctors in town and being evaluated, it was concluded that she needed more that just a routine surgery, she needed a total replacement. The doctors concluded that there was no further options and no future for Cindy outside of a total knee replacement. So, she scheduled the surgery for November in 2018.

But three months before the date, she was talking with a colleague and mentioned the upcoming surgery. The friend listened and told Cindy that she had experienced life changing knee care with Dr. Delaino. The friend suggested calling yet another friend whose husband had faced the prospect of a similar surgery.

So Cindy called the third lady and found out that Dr. Delaino had helped her husband to avoid knee surgery by undergoing a specialized Natural Knee Care Plan and now five years later, the problem had never returned. The husband was active, healthy and had no sign of a knee problem.

As a result, Cindy found herself with a possible option. Since two close friends had a similar experience it gave her a significant reason to set up a visit with Dr. Delaino. So, she made the call and underwent an evaluation. It was concluded that she still had a significant amount of cartilage in her knee and the basic functions were all intact.

As a result, a test treatment was done, and the results were instantaneous. Right there in the office, she stood up and walked with more strength and mobility in her knee.

Over the following three weeks, she had diminished knee pain and was experiencing natural movement in her knee joint. After two months, she was pain free and working without any hindrance at all. She began to realize that she had a real future with her knee and that surgery was not required. So the knee replacement was cancelled and she has continued to maintain her progress every week. For overcoming such a daunting ordeal, Cindy Fricks is our patient of the year! For her ability to continue to work in spite of chronic knee pain and her optimistic outlook when facing such dire circumstances, she stands out. Thanks Cindy-you are amazing! Cindy Fricks-Rome, Ga.

-Natural Knee Care Evaluation-

~Test all 4 major ligaments for damage.

~Check cartilage level.

~Test functions of standing, walking, squatting and stairs.

If you are having difficulty with your knee and would like an option other that physical therapy or surgery, give me a call. We can find out where you are really at and make a plan to get well.

Your care will be aimed at pain relief and measurable goals:

~ Drive for an hour without knee pain.

~Walk for thirty minutes without pain.

~Walk up and down stairs safely.

~Make it through a full work day without pain.

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