After multiple chiropractors, medical doctors and specialists, this patient found Dr. Delaino

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  • After multiple chiropractors, medical doctors and specialists, this patient found Dr. Delaino
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After multiple chiropractors, medical doctors and specialists, this patient found Dr. Delaino

Prior to having consistent chiropractic care with Dr. Delaino, I felt as if I would have to continue living with chronic neck pain. I have been experiencing moderate to severe neck pain ever since my senior year in college, 1971-72. During that year, I noticed a strong discomfort and tenseness in my neck......especially during those times when I would need to type research papers for a long duration sitting at a typewriter. I resorted to using muscle relaxers to gain some relief which did no serve me well. The muscle relaxers literally relaxed me to such a degree that I was too sleepy to attend classes or to complete my class assignments.

Upon completion of college, I entered the profession of education. My chosen profession demanded hour of preparation and grading of papers.....thus, my neck pain reoccurred. As a twenty something year old person, I was struggling with constant neck pain. I sought help from chiropractors which provided some immediate relief yet no lasting remedy. Acupuncture delivered the same result. Pain pills were of only temporary help in masking the problem and did not agree with me.

It became evident that I would be learning to live and cope with neck pain for the remainder of my life. This revelation was realized in my twenties! I can readily recall that the day of my wedding, I was seeking help from a chiropractor that very morning......just hours before walking the aisle to take my vows.

The range of motion in my neck was also compromised which meant it was difficulty to drive at times due to the chronic neck pain and stiffness I endured for decades. I have been treated by numerous chiropractors in the Atlanta area and here in Rome, Georgia to no avail. At my mothers's request, I opted to give one l st chiropractor a chance to help me...Dr. Delaino, I must admit, at best-I anticipated only temporary relief from yet another chiropractor as that has been my experience for some 4 decades to date.

Uncharacteristically, Dr. Delaino's gentle yet firm manipulations have somehow made the difference in remedying my neck problems. i have adhered to his recommended schedule of faithfully coming for adjustments three times a week for a specified number of weeks. Soon, I will be graduating to only one time per week of chiropractic adjustments.

To my great pleasure and surprise, I no longer suffer with symptoms such as.....stiffness, a tense neck, weak neck muscles, a neck filled with pain and discomfort nor a neck with only a limited range of motion. It is rather remarkable that now, at the age of 61, I am finally gaining steady relief and enjoying a wonderful range of motion to what I had considered to be a chronic neck condition for which there was no authentic help.

Dr. Delaino's techniques and consistent schedule of caring for my neck have mad the most amazing difference in the quality of my life. I am grateful that I listened to my mother and gave Dr. Delaino a chance to do his best work for my benefit!

Thank you, Dr. Delaino for '"making a difference" in my life!

Deborah D. Gilreath

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