My Shoulder is 81 Years Old and it Feels Great!

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My Shoulder is 81 Years Old and it Feels Great!

Approximately four and a half years ago I started having constant and sharp pain in my shoulder. I had difficulty reaching up in a cabinet or getting things out of the refrigerator. Lifting with the right arm often required the use of my left hand. After working on the computer for awhile, it would hurt and I would have to stop. As you might have figured out by now, shoulder pain had taken over and my activities were shut down. I was told by the doctor that I had a torn rotator cuff and that nothing would help but surgery. I was not prepared to have surgery and started looking for other options. Well, I heard about Dr. Delaino’s Natural Rotator Cuff Program. Fortunately with the blessed hands of Dr. Delaino and his care program for me I did not have any surgery. After examining me, my diagnosis was a dislocated shoulder with arthritis around the entire humeral head. It was a chronic shoulder problem resulting in loss of cartilage and deteriorated bone material. I began a regular chiropractic schedule and then continued with maintenance care. Dr. Delaino fixed my arthritic shoulder for good. That was four years ago. Now I feel great and my shoulder is completely strong and mobile. I am on the move every week and involved with life, friends and my church! Micki Gaines Cave Spring-Ga.

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